Small Kitchen Tour

It’s a small kitchen.

Seven and a half feet by ten and a half feet. It faces south, has one entrance and one window.

We use it for everything, including blog reading, answering emails, and pinning on Pinterest.

Are relationship started when it was in a bad way. Over loved and under maintained.

It had been remodeled in the eighties with builder grade everything and had no appliances (that’s a loaner stove to get through the inspections). My daughter and I camped out for 9 months while I changed out flooring, painted walls and ceilings and replaced light fixtures.

The kitchen is now comfortable.

Yup! I painted the wall green, but only one. It’s enough color.

The flooring, baseboard and toe kicks, cabinet knobs and the appliance all came from Habitat for Humanity’s Restore.

This is how we live in it. For real. It’s clean half the time (the pros of an Empty Nester).

I’m still painting the cabinets and adding moldings to them that I got from Restore. I’m in live with Milk Paint and hope to give it a try on these cabinets.

And I have curtains for the window that need mending. And there is an old ladder in the future of this kitchen.

It’s stage one. Progressing to stage two in the next year.

Ever been to Restore? I’ll have to take you some time.


                         Miss Ellie

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