Saying Good Bye…

Saying Good Bye…

RDRSign2… and Hello!

With snow fall last weekend I had to say good-bye to summer for good. Summer is a hardworking season and many things happen that can keep one from their writing. And then there is Fall. I love fall. But alas I had to say good-bye to fall too! Fall is a productive season that can keep one from their writing too. But one can accomplish many things during the fall. I accomplished many things this past fall. Just at the very end, before this last snow storm I got an opportunity to start a vintage mercantile. Say Hello Opportunity! It’s a little space in an old building, housing this fabulous fabric and craft store. There are six of us plus Roxy who runs the fabric and craft space. I’m having the best time filling my little corner. Everything is found, vintage, upcycled and re-purposed. Here’s a little peek…

Vintage MercantileA corner of 48 square feet just for me! With a window no less.

Music ChestWhere I can show off the furniture I upcycle.

rag LampshadeAnd the lamps I re-design.

Blue sweater benchAnd lots of trinkets and home decor.

Silver sugar bowl pincushions and


Bling Bottles

bling bottlesAll tucked in with a little holiday decor.

More fun to come.


Miss Ellie


Sweet Pickin’s Outdoor Vintage Market

SweetPickins Poster

One of my first loves is treasure hunting. Another is fixing up what I’ve found . And before long I’ve amassed a house full of treasures with no place for more. If this keeps up I’ll have to divorce my love of treasure hunting.

Aaa… Not going to happen!

So where to put all these treasures and have room for more.  Well the most obvious solution is to find like minded individuals who love these treasures as much as I do.  So I started looking around.  And while I was looking around my town and in neighboring towns, Sweet Pickin’s was created.

Sweet Pickin’s Outdoor Vintage Market, the first vintage market in my town. Isn’t that a great name for a vintage market? When my application was accepted I was so darn excited  I nearly danced to the moon. I had so much I wanted to do and only 30 days to do it in. And with two birthday milestones and a full-time job I would have to be very efficient with my time.  My Dad helped a lot and I got moral support  from my family and great advice from my Mom. Thanks Mom and Dad. The daughter was great at the 6 a.m. set up (not a great hour for young people) and her boyfriend took pictures.

Bonnie (the organizer) over at ‘Junk in the Truck‘ and the GV Downtown association did a fabulous job of pulling it all together. All the vendors were friendly and nice and had amazing stuff to sell. I only wish I’d done more shopping. And the weather! You could not have asked for better weather; cool during the hustle of set up and almost balmy for the market. And Bonnie got the most fabulous food vendor, Back Porch Market  who kept us all fed. A glorious day. Just glorious!

I did learn a few things that I’ll do differently next time. But what I know right now is I loved it. Every bloomin’ minute of it. It felt good to be with like-minded folks and talk a little bit about our love. Can’t wait to do it again.

Here’s a photo college of  my space that my daughter’s boyfriend took for me. Thanks Cody.


Miss Ellie

Click the photo for the larger format.

Finding Vintage Treasures

Garage Sales

Over the last few weekends I’ve been able to sneak out early on a Saturday morning and visit some flea markets and garage sales. The Pickers were there too. Wow are they determined. Ladies and gentlemen running, yes running when the gates opened. I chose to take a more leisurely approach to the whole thing. If it was there when I and my cup of coffee got there, then it was mine.

I look for things that not many pickers are interested in. I have the sense they want things they can brush off, add a price tag to and sell in their shops. I want things that need love, a little TLC (or a lot) and a new life. I ask for broken furniture and things that are headed for the dump. But sometimes, I show up on a day that rain has been predicted or its hot and I beat the pickers at their own game; and score. And I mean SCORE!

This is Edward. Edward Underwood. You might have met him in my last post.

He was sitting on a dresser waiting for me to notice him at a moving sale. I walked right by him, trying to be all casual and looked at a chair, talked to the seller, picked out a few smalls to go with the chair and inquired about a price for the whole lot. It was satisfactory. So I asked the seller to include the typewriter. And…well… screaming deal of the century (remember ‘Moving Sale’). So for the price of a good meal without libations, Edward Underwood and I went home together! Happy ending.

I can often get to the local Habitat for Humanity’s Restore on my lunch break. Sometimes I find good hardware and old tools for future projects and sometimes I score. Last week I scored!

Such simplicity, and within budget. With a bright seat cushion this will be a welcome addition to the office.

And this poor little red-headed stepchild was just waiting for some love.

So I brought her home too! And then there was the most creative find of all. I just know I can do something wonderful with these.

I call these mirror harps. They are whats left of an old mirror attachment on a wash stand. I love the wood decals.

Treasure hunting has become an art form for me. My instincts tell my when to shop but my vision tells me when to buy. I do have to listen when I talk to myself to find success. But I enjoy being out and finding treasures.

Do you enjoy the hunt? Are you a picker or an artist?

Stay tune for ‘Small Kitchen Reveal’ or get it in your inbox by signing up for email posts.


              Miss Ellie

Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show

Sun, Breeze and a Little Shade

I took my sister to the  Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show last weekend and her head nearly popped off with all the swiveling she did trying to see everything. So many beautiful things. And some very inventive re-purposing. Being the Spring show there were a lot of garden pieces. I love galvanized containers and industrial elements, so my pictures are quite ‘industrial’.

My pictures are another story. Still learning to use the edit tools. But here they are in all their glory. I didn’t keep very good track of the venders names I was so busy looking. Sorry about that. Enjoy the tour.

I’m really in love with this clock table. Round is such a great shape for a coffee table. And check out the picture holder made from a rack.

Hey Mom! This is what your dinning room chairs will look like when I get done with them. Are you ready?

Turquoise chair! I love the pop of color.

Nice way to end the day.

Did you do something fun this weekend?


                                           Miss Ellie

The Furniture Painting Continues

Spring is back!

The grass is getting longer and longer. I spent some time this weekend making it shorter.

The most amazing, wonderful, fabulous thing about this last weekend is….

….I got a paint brush in my hand again and orange is the color of choice. The future TV stand is far from complete but it feels good to be painting.

Here’s the progress I made this weekend.

It’s laying on it’s back so the perspective is so off. I promises to show more soon.

And on Saturday my sister and I visited the Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show in Roseville CA and just had a ball!

Stay tuned for pictures and details.

Do any Vintage shopping his weekend?


                                   Miss Ellie