Real Frost

7:02 am –  this morning was the first real frost of the season. the deck was white with it. the orchard grass sparkled in the early morning sunlight. the branches and logs in the future huglekulture twinkled, mocking me for yet another undone project. i could just make out the stacked hay bails around the hive in the shadow of the fence line. i wanted to run out and see the bees. to make sure they were OK. i’d just returned from my early morning workout and I was freezing. how could they not be.

but bees have a hive mentality. they are a family of thousands. plenty of little hot bodies to keep the cluster warm. i need not worry.

but I do.

{today I’m a worker bee. doing my 8 to 5 at a desk. but someday it’ll be different}


A Snow Kind of Day

I don’t usually have to live with snow. It’s a unique phenomena in my town.

I woke to this on Sunday morning. I knew it was coming… It is an opportunity to sleep in… because things are so quiet.

But I had hoped it would not come.

Snow is not a good companion when working on this

Nor does it work well when doing this


It is a great day for  this

 and this

and this

I think it’s time for a nap.

Hope your weekend goes well.


Miss Ellie