Word of the Year… Balance


The future lies beyond.

That’s what I’m going for this year. B A L A N C E. In Blogging. In Family. In Career. In Finances. In Service. In Faith. In Exercise. In housework and socializing. In home maintenance and decorating. In gardening and farming. And maybe even in treasure hunting. But will see about that one.

I’ll write about it all. The hopes and the dreams. The failures and the successes and all that stuff in between. It’ll be maddening and fun all at the same time.

Am I setting myself up?

Cheers,  Miss Ellie

P.S. This is a Word press ‘Quick press’. Kinda like a status update on Facebook but different. It might help bring balance to blogging.


Dear Blog

It’s been so long. I’ve missed you. Have you been busy? I have! This summer has just flown by and now its fall. Can you believe it?

Lets catch up. Grab a cup of tea and we’ll chat.

In early August I had the cottage painted. I went with a professional. It was a hard decision being a DIYer. But they had the tools, I did  not. They had the time, I did not. It was a good price, although just barely within my budget. I got to work with them; sanding and scraping and spraying. I learned a great deal about painting a house. Being an exterior situation the paint had to survive harsh winters and blazing summers, creating a shield against the elements. Unlike painting furniture where we want a chippy, faded look. Not so much on my house. If you’re hiring a pro ask to see samples that are 10, 15, 20 years old. You’ll know how long the job will look good. I still have shutters and window boxes to paint and install but here’s a peek at the color.

When the house was done I promptly went on the family vacation. A little sister time, a little Mom and Dad time, a little me time. Well, not me alone time, but me away from the ‘to do’ list time. We tried new food, new beverages and new yoga poses (with my Dad). The mornings were cool, the days hot, and the evenings beautiful.

With the cottage painted I could now tackle the landscaping. So for the later part of August or was it early September, I worked landscaping after the day job.  I dug up the rock path at the front of the cottage and moved it to the drive way. I used the cement blocks from around the trees to start a flower bed. I’m 32 blocks short so when the budget allows I’ll get more. I had to dig up half the lawn so it wouldn’t grow back. I’ll tell ya, it could have been back braking but my new exercise plan has made me a lot stronger. Oh! I didn’t tell you about my new plan?

In September I moved compost. Once the flower bed was complete I had to figure out how to fill it with some good dirt. My native soil is mostly clay and grows natives just fine, but I wanted to branch out seeing as I was going to fence it off from the Deer. Yes, I have deer that dine in my yard. It’s an amazing nuance. I love to  see the babies in the spring but hate how they eat everything I like to plant. So I was watching Freecycle and a lady posted she had compost/manure available. “Great” I thought. I’ll just fill the bed and let it mellow over the winter. Turns out she has a never-ending supply. Yah! I go every two weeks or so with my little trailer and pick up two loads. I should have it filled up by… Oh… say December.

And some where in late August I hosted with my parents the family reunion of about 50 family members, who came to town and then tacked on a 50th wedding anniversary for my parents at the end of it. Busy, busy.

And here comes fall. I love this time of year. I have several things brewing on the horizon that have me excited and energized. As they come about I’ll share. Can’t jinx anything.

And you. Have you been swamped lately and neglecting the blog?


Miss Ellie

Blog Forum at the Vintage Bricoleur

Linking, Pinning and Facebook

I attended my first Blog forum last week at the Vintage Bricoleur. Terry was so sweet to let me join the group at the last minuet. I met some fabulous women who all had something to offer.

click image to read more

I learned how to link my post to a link party from Courtney of French Country Cottage. She host a “Feathered Nest Friday” link party so we in blog land can show off all we’ve done to ‘feather our nests’. Thank you Courtney.French Country CottageClick through and see if you can find me in the link party. (Hint: I’m 194)

We talked about fan pages on face book, how to work with Pinterest and a little about time management.

I want to thank Beth, Bobbie, Terry and Joy for their willingness to share their fits and starts. It means so much to me to know I’m not the only one struggling with this stuff.

And the really good news is Terry and the Vintage Bricoleur are doing it again. In the form of a luncheon on June 29. Check out all their workshops.

Some Treasures from the Weekend

Just a peek at some things I picked up over the long Memorial weekend.

And these…

And some of these lovelies…

It’s been a busy week and I have lots to share with you. So come back soon to see my latest adventure. Or sign up for my emails to get the updates. Or do the face book thing and get update that way.

See you soon.


                  Miss Ellie

I begin again

This is the 2nd first one. Ya gotta start somewhere right?!…
…so I’ll just start now. I can say it.
I’m a blogger now! Does saying it make it so? Oh! I have to go ‘public’? [sigh]
Okay… I am a [public] Blogger.

And the clouds parted and a voice was heard…


Why! Because I said so! Because I want to share what I know with people who need or want to know what I know. I’ve learned many things that just make me want to learn more. So I’m hoping for feedback that will get me more learned than I am.

Right now I do home decor stuff. Rehabilitation of once loved quality furniture and accessories. I’m fixing up a sixty year old house on a Single Mom budget and a day job schedule. I’m learning about tools and paint and building and stuff.
I’m a resourceful kind of gal. I find ways to get things done with help from where ever I can find it. I want to share all of this and more. So much more.

I find the blogs I read inspiring and supportive, and hope I can give back to this community.

That’s why!!

So here’s a tidbit about me and a trick for you.
I’m a tweak-er. I can mess with something forever, and never get to the finish line. So I give myself 10 minutes to fuss over things and then let it go. I use an egg timer to stay on track. The kind that goes ‘Ding!’ Sometimes it’s harsh. But, after 10 I can move on to the next wonderful, fabulous thing. And sometimes, every once in a while, I just leave well enough alone.

Hope your week goes well and at the end you feel you’ve accomplished something extra-ordinary.

Miss Ellie

To Blog or Not to Blog

I’ve been lurking in the blogging world on and off for years. When I went away I always came back to hang with these like-minded people. And I have always felt I could give something back. But How? I had trouble leaving comments and writing a blog was really public. I didn’t want to find out I wasn’t good enough. But the more I lurked the more I want to come out and play. I came up with all sorts of excuses to remain a wall flower. But it wasn’t feeling very good.

And then 2012 arrived and Donna of Funky Junk Interiors did this…

Her ‘A Week of Change, a new you for 2012’  created such desire that I stepped up and posted a comment! Me! making a comment. And not just any old comment but a confession that is now changing my life.

I want to leave the rat race and make a living with my creativity.

Yup! that’s what I wrote. I know it will take time but I’m determined. This blog will be my sounding board. I’ll learn and grow as I go and see where it takes me. And I’ll keep going as long as I have fun doing it.

That was part one! Part two brought the “Picture Perfect Room” challenge and I was off and running. I chose my half-finished laundry room and commenced with the next two parts: ” Try Something New” and “Offer Something.” I hope to offer up all three efforts for your review in the near future. So stay tuned as I traverse this new and enduring adventure and report back. And if you’re like me and lurk in the back ground, DON”T wait 2 years to make a comment.  It doesn’t hurt. Really!


Miss Ellie