something about me

January 2012

I love to create. I love to work with paint, wood, fabric, and metal. I love to re-create. It’s in my genes. Power tools, hand tools, and garden tools are my companions.   Dust is my friend.   And roses always, always make me smile.

 That being said, I bought a house a few years ago that tests all my skill, knowledge and research abilities to find knowledge in making it a home on a budget. Everything is second-hand and repurposed for my lifestyle. I shop the second-hand stores, estate sales and flea markets where ever I travel. I haunt the online secondhand website and I am a card carring member of Freecycle.  My day job steals my time but helps me appreciate my ‘home-work’.   It’s fun. It energizes me. It entertains my family. It’s a passion I want to share.

I’ve learned that by sharing (teaching others) one can learn their trade faster, more thoroughly and with greater confidence.   So I’ll share.   And the smiles and laughter it brings, will in turn make my day.

I’ve long lurked in blog land, like a wall flower, always watching, always hoping, always wanting. And now I’ve gone and peeled myself off the wall like a Tim Burton character and I’m wavering in the sudden draft.

 What will the next chapter bring?!

June 2012

Well, these last  four months have been fun. I’ve learned so much and met some really nice ladies. I’ve added widgets to my blog and learned something about working with pictures. I’m figuring out what time of day I write my best post and I struggle with regular postings. I did create a Fan page on Face Book and have 22 likes now. I feel a little like Sally Fields at the awards who said ” You like me. You really like me.”

The fixer-upper (my house) is progressing. This Spring I decided I have too much grass to mow and will be converting lots of it to meadow and maybe find some big ‘yard art’ to put in it. Anyone has an old tractor they want hauled away? I’ve also started a major push to refurbish the furniture I live with everyday. When I look at it  through the eyes of a guest it all looks pretty shabby. And NOT in a Chic kind of way.

I’ve learned I need to be open to suggestions and comments. So if you have some or just want to say ‘Hi’ or pass on some kudos my email address is RustDustandRoses at gmail dot com. I loved to hear from you. Please write.


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