4th of July and Door Decor

It just a little collection of things, pull together last night in celebration of the 4th of July.

I wanted something festive on the porch; the door to be precise. But it’s metal and I was challenged to over come that short coming. I had found an old shovel at the Restore and a folding ruler in red and white which caused inspiration.

With a cleaning and a coat of poly the shovel made a great magnetic chalk board. The addition of a drapery rod hook in the shaft of the handle behind the shovel head made hanging it easy.

The pinwheel takes me back to Independence Day celebrations from my childhood so I couldn’t pass it up when I saw it at the cash register a few days ago.  The blue bandana was found to hold it all together since all the ribbon stores were closed by this time and upholstery webbing was too stiff.

And it hangs next to the metal door.

I went out to get the paper this morning and saw it on my way back into the house. It made me smile.

Hope you have a wonderful Independence Day.


                                   Miss Ellie

I’ve linked to Mary’s Share the Love Wednesday link party at Very Merry Vintage Style.

I’ve linked to Debra’s Vintage Inspiration #95 Porches and Outdoors link party at Common Ground.


3 thoughts on “4th of July and Door Decor

    • Thank you Kim. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a second hand store for all things construction, home improvement and garden; with a lot of furniture too. Each store is different, but mine carries a lot of vintage and rust as our area has a lot of old buildings. I love it more than my local thrift stores.
      Miss Ellie

      • I’m in your area and I have heard of that, just haven’t been there, I think I’ll head over today. 🙂 Sounds like my kinda place!!!

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