Vintage Architecture

The Rust Report

On the first evening of June, the elite of the high school choir, sang their last performance of the year in an old building near down town. I was there like a fly on the wall. I spent my time appreciating the old buildings.  As the choir sang I wondered the perimeter.

St. Joseph Cultural Center

The building was completed in 1866 by members of the local community as a convent for the Sisters of Mercy. It soon became an orphanage with over 400 children. The nuns left 100 years later and the community has worked to preserve the site. Here is what I saw.

If walls could talk…

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Miss Ellie                


2 thoughts on “Vintage Architecture

  1. Hello Miss Ellie, it was so nice to meet you at the Blogger’s luncheon. Your projects sound wonderful and they are definitely keeping you busy. I am your newest follower. Enjoy the week-end. Linda

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