Finding Vintage Treasures

Garage Sales

Over the last few weekends I’ve been able to sneak out early on a Saturday morning and visit some flea markets and garage sales. The Pickers were there too. Wow are they determined. Ladies and gentlemen running, yes running when the gates opened. I chose to take a more leisurely approach to the whole thing. If it was there when I and my cup of coffee got there, then it was mine.

I look for things that not many pickers are interested in. I have the sense they want things they can brush off, add a price tag to and sell in their shops. I want things that need love, a little TLC (or a lot) and a new life. I ask for broken furniture and things that are headed for the dump. But sometimes, I show up on a day that rain has been predicted or its hot and I beat the pickers at their own game; and score. And I mean SCORE!

This is Edward. Edward Underwood. You might have met him in my last post.

He was sitting on a dresser waiting for me to notice him at a moving sale. I walked right by him, trying to be all casual and looked at a chair, talked to the seller, picked out a few smalls to go with the chair and inquired about a price for the whole lot. It was satisfactory. So I asked the seller to include the typewriter. And…well… screaming deal of the century (remember ‘Moving Sale’). So for the price of a good meal without libations, Edward Underwood and I went home together! Happy ending.

I can often get to the local Habitat for Humanity’s Restore on my lunch break. Sometimes I find good hardware and old tools for future projects and sometimes I score. Last week I scored!

Such simplicity, and within budget. With a bright seat cushion this will be a welcome addition to the office.

And this poor little red-headed stepchild was just waiting for some love.

So I brought her home too! And then there was the most creative find of all. I just know I can do something wonderful with these.

I call these mirror harps. They are whats left of an old mirror attachment on a wash stand. I love the wood decals.

Treasure hunting has become an art form for me. My instincts tell my when to shop but my vision tells me when to buy. I do have to listen when I talk to myself to find success. But I enjoy being out and finding treasures.

Do you enjoy the hunt? Are you a picker or an artist?

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              Miss Ellie


6 thoughts on “Finding Vintage Treasures

  1. OK, you must tell me where you shop so I can beat you to these sales:-) Edward is awesome and what a deal you made. I have one of those mirror harps buried in my garage somewhere. Not as ornate as yours, but thanks for the reminder. Great treasures!!

    • Thanks Betsy.
      I think the mirror harp, strung with wire, could display pictures with little clips. Or small chain and hang earrings on it. Thanks for stopping by.
      Miss Ellie

    • Hi Cassie,
      Thanks for stopping by. The chair reminded me of one I saw in Pottery Barn. And yes, family does need to come first. Hence my ‘sneaking out’ early on Saturday morning. They are all still sleeping.
      Miss Ellie

  2. Hi Ellie,
    I have been looking for a “mirror harp” for ages!!!
    I am going to mount another piece of wood on the base, paint it, turn it upside down so that the base is now a shelf, mount it on the wall around an oval or round mirror.
    I saw one done over a bathroom vanity and it looked beautiful.
    P.S. love your blog

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