The Ugly Laundry

Sneak Peak at my Picture Perfect Room. It’s a work-in-progress.

Laundry part 1

Here it is. The almost beautiful laundry room. It is coming along.   With so much to do it’s taken three months to get this far.  I have to thank Donna at Funky Junk Interiors for being the motivator. I would never had made so much progress in 3 months if not for reading her blog.

Here’s where I started:

Yes! the moldings were red, and there were no baseboards. To the right is the pantry with no door. It’s yellow (more on that later). To the left is the mud room with no door (it’s knotty Pine).  I’ve been able to tackled the floor, the walls and the lighting. Stage it a little for these photos. One more week to the revel (hopefully).

Next up is building the farm table over the laundry units. Something like this with the zinc top.


I also have an old door I’ll use for the pantry door with old-looking paint and hardware. And I’m currently constructing a drying rack. Oh! And taking better pictures!

So much to learn.

So how ’bout you? Have you triumphed over an ugly room? Would love to hear how you did it.


Miss Ellie

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3 thoughts on “The Ugly Laundry

  1. I love the progress on your laundry room. Especially love the great finds on top of your cabinets. I’ll be watching for your zinc washer/dryer topper. I’ve been wanting to make a faux zinc table top…but haven’t been lucky enough to find somebody who can help me (for a reasonable price).

    • Thank you Lisa,
      Yup. That would be the dilemma over here. I’ve read about some paint techniques that I will try this winter. You’ll hear all about when I get there. Good luck with your own efforts.
      Miss Ellie

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