I begin again

This is the 2nd first one. Ya gotta start somewhere right?!…
…so I’ll just start now. I can say it.
I’m a blogger now! Does saying it make it so? Oh! I have to go ‘public’? [sigh]
Okay… I am a [public] Blogger.

And the clouds parted and a voice was heard…


Why! Because I said so! Because I want to share what I know with people who need or want to know what I know. I’ve learned many things that just make me want to learn more. So I’m hoping for feedback that will get me more learned than I am.

Right now I do home decor stuff. Rehabilitation of once loved quality furniture and accessories. I’m fixing up a sixty year old house on a Single Mom budget and a day job schedule. I’m learning about tools and paint and building and stuff.
I’m a resourceful kind of gal. I find ways to get things done with help from where ever I can find it. I want to share all of this and more. So much more.

I find the blogs I read inspiring and supportive, and hope I can give back to this community.

That’s why!!

So here’s a tidbit about me and a trick for you.
I’m a tweak-er. I can mess with something forever, and never get to the finish line. So I give myself 10 minutes to fuss over things and then let it go. I use an egg timer to stay on track. The kind that goes ‘Ding!’ Sometimes it’s harsh. But, after 10 I can move on to the next wonderful, fabulous thing. And sometimes, every once in a while, I just leave well enough alone.

Hope your week goes well and at the end you feel you’ve accomplished something extra-ordinary.

Miss Ellie


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