A Snow Kind of Day

I don’t usually have to live with snow. It’s a unique phenomena in my town.

I woke to this on Sunday morning. I knew it was coming… It is an opportunity to sleep in… because things are so quiet.

But I had hoped it would not come.

Snow is not a good companion when working on this

Nor does it work well when doing this


It is a great day for  this

 and this

and this

I think it’s time for a nap.

Hope your weekend goes well.


Miss Ellie


The Ugly Laundry

Sneak Peak at my Picture Perfect Room. It’s a work-in-progress.

Laundry part 1

Here it is. The almost beautiful laundry room. It is coming along.   With so much to do it’s taken three months to get this far.  I have to thank Donna at Funky Junk Interiors for being the motivator. I would never had made so much progress in 3 months if not for reading her blog.

Here’s where I started:

Yes! the moldings were red, and there were no baseboards. To the right is the pantry with no door. It’s yellow (more on that later). To the left is the mud room with no door (it’s knotty Pine).  I’ve been able to tackled the floor, the walls and the lighting. Stage it a little for these photos. One more week to the revel (hopefully).

Next up is building the farm table over the laundry units. Something like this with the zinc top.


I also have an old door I’ll use for the pantry door with old-looking paint and hardware. And I’m currently constructing a drying rack. Oh! And taking better pictures!

So much to learn.

So how ’bout you? Have you triumphed over an ugly room? Would love to hear how you did it.


Miss Ellie

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I begin again

This is the 2nd first one. Ya gotta start somewhere right?!…
…so I’ll just start now. I can say it.
I’m a blogger now! Does saying it make it so? Oh! I have to go ‘public’? [sigh]
Okay… I am a [public] Blogger.

And the clouds parted and a voice was heard…


Why! Because I said so! Because I want to share what I know with people who need or want to know what I know. I’ve learned many things that just make me want to learn more. So I’m hoping for feedback that will get me more learned than I am.

Right now I do home decor stuff. Rehabilitation of once loved quality furniture and accessories. I’m fixing up a sixty year old house on a Single Mom budget and a day job schedule. I’m learning about tools and paint and building and stuff.
I’m a resourceful kind of gal. I find ways to get things done with help from where ever I can find it. I want to share all of this and more. So much more.

I find the blogs I read inspiring and supportive, and hope I can give back to this community.

That’s why!!

So here’s a tidbit about me and a trick for you.
I’m a tweak-er. I can mess with something forever, and never get to the finish line. So I give myself 10 minutes to fuss over things and then let it go. I use an egg timer to stay on track. The kind that goes ‘Ding!’ Sometimes it’s harsh. But, after 10 I can move on to the next wonderful, fabulous thing. And sometimes, every once in a while, I just leave well enough alone.

Hope your week goes well and at the end you feel you’ve accomplished something extra-ordinary.

Miss Ellie